Nutrition Therapy Designed to Fit
          YOUR Lifestyle

“My IBS problems remain at a very low level... have problems less than 10% of the time…. So, from my perspective I am about as ‘cured' of the major IBS problems. Before working with you, I was doubtful I would ever get to this point.  I just can’t thank you enough!  Michael” 

"I want to thank you for helping me get my IBS under control. With the       resources you gave me I was able to find a "safe" diet I can reliably     count on, which I never thought would happen." -Katie T. 

"Even after 20 years and 17 doctors, I was still suffering  from mild to extreme hives ....... After 2 months I was able to stop using the medications ...... She not only changed my diet, she removed a giant stress in how I go about my daily life. How  can a person ever thank someone enough for that?"   -Rob

"Laura has helped me set realistic weight loss goals and to make small changes each month that improve my health. She is like having a personal cheerleader in your pocket." -D.B.